The SOYA VISTA JAZZ ORCHESTRA (under the direction of John Benoit) will be joining Gina Gedler for a night of swinging, lounge-inspired jazz of the 50’S and 60’S!  The music for the evening will feature many songs; some of which were popularized by such artists as Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Henry Mancini, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

What began as a collection of songs put together for a Billie Holiday tribute has grown and evolved into a celebration of the Tiki-bar, Vegas-stage show inspired sounds from that memorable period of time.  

So whether you’re a baby-boomer, or not, you’re sure to enjoy and recognize many of these iconic songs!

Reservations are encouraged!

For ticket information, go to:       or call 515-244-5399