About Gina:

Hi!  I'm Gina Gedler and I am a regular to the Des Moines entertainment scene and have been performing for many years.            

I was born in Newton, Iowa and my family moved to Arizona shortly after I was born.   Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved to sing and act up!  (My mom and dad always said that I entered this world screaming!  Come to think of it, that may have been my first singing debut!)  Because I had no opportunity for lessons; I grew up listening to records, watching old movies, teaching myself the different styles of music, and the ins and outs of singing and acting. 

In Arizona I became very involved, during my academic years, in Drama and Music.  

I returned to Des Moines, Iowa during the spring break of my Junior year of High School.  That was tough!  But I immediately became involved in the music and drama department to meet new people.  And that I did!  After meeting the love of my life Mike, in my senior year of High School, we married a year after graduating High School and within our first 5 years of marriage we were blessed with our wonderful son, Brandon!

In Des Moines I have been heavily involved in music and stage.  With hard work I have had the privilege and honor of appearing in numerous musicals on stage and many various professional acts throughout the state and outside of the state as well. 

For the past several years, I have been enjoying singing in Des Moines as well as outside of the metro area, with my small combo of musicians, for company parties/celebrations and in various restaurant and lounge venues.  I am also the lead vocalist with the Ballyhoo Foxtrot Combo and the Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra as well as a guest lead vocalist for several other local bands. 

I am a singer as well as an entertainer.  I pride myself on truly enjoying and delivering what I am singing.  I am very versatile with my music styling and offerings.  I think a combination of those things is what helps make me unique.  One minute I could be singing a standard, or something soft and jazzy, and then break into an upbeat number from the 70's!  You just never know what will happen.  I love the excitement and emotion that comes from producing all kinds music.

Helping people smile, laugh, and feel through music is what I LOVE! 

It makes my heart feel good!  

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