You nailed it.  Big Time!  The residents are still talking about

all of the fun they had.  You and Ben brought out a great

deal of sincere, heartfelt emotions.  All good.  Please extend

our appreciation to Ben.  (amazing pair you are!)


Take good care of yourselves and we’ll see you again soon.

Thank you.


Jacobs Place



Gina.....had to tell you this....When we were attending the Playhouse Countdown to 100 years celebration.....a lady from here said hearing you sing MEMORIES from Cats was worth the price of admission!    And our neighbor next door to us said her husband didn't really want to go, would rather sit in front of the TV, but he absolutely loved it....and she said you were "broadway quality".....was glad to say you were our friend and that I totally agreed with her!  

Lloyd and Julie VonHagen of Scottish Rite